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Q: What is an Achiever?

A: “Achiever” is the preferred nomenclature for a fan of The Big Lebowski. Yes, and proud we are of all of them.

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Q: What happens at a Lebowski Fest?

A: Lebowski Fest is typically split into two days starting with the Movie Party which usually includes a band or two and a screening of The Big Lebowski. The next day is the Bowling Party which includes unlimited bowling, costume, trivia and other contests.

Q: How do I get Lebowski Fest to come to my town?

A: Send us an email with a suggested city. We will try to make it to your neck of the woods soon.

Q: Can I have my own Lebowski event?

A: Absolutely. We just ask that you do not use the name “Lebowski Fest.” That’s our name dude.

Q: Is there an age restriction to attend?

A: It varies from event to event so check the event details. The Bowling Party is almost always all ages and the Movie Party can have age restrictions based on the rules of the venue.

Q: Does ship outside the US?

A: We ship anywhere in the world.

Q: Is there a place I can find fellow Achievers to quote the movie with?

A: Yes, yes. Check out the Lebowski Fest Facebook Page.

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  1. Chicago Please!!! Do you ever get Steve Buscemi to attend the Lebowski Fests? He is my all time favorite actor and I loved to meet him.

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