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Jeff Bridges at Lebowski Fest LA!

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges, The Dude himself, will be at Lebowski Fest LA on April 25th at The Wiltern! Jeff Bridges and The Abiders will perform a set before a screening of The Big Lebowski! Come and raise a White Russian to El Duderino. He’s the man for his time and place, he fits right in there.

Commonly hailed as one of the most diverse and natural actors of our time, Academy Award® Winner Jeff Bridges has fully embraced the world-wide love of his iconic character of The Dude he effortlessly portrayed in the Coen Brothers’ classic cult film. Jeff is a true renaissance man who is not only an accomplished actor but a photographer, illustrator as well as a talented musician. More on Jeff Bridges can be found at his website

The evening will kick off with the Kyle Gass Band and other special guests from the film. This will be one far out night followed by the Bowling Party the next day with bowling, costume and trivia contests on April 26th.

Tickets and more info here, man. Far out!

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  1. I would love to attend, but I just can’t get there in time!! Great idea, awesome movie, hats off to Jeff Bridges, I love you man!!!!:)

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